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Managing the processes to keep a Business healthy is hard.
Doing this AND trying to manage your Business Tech is harder!
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Global IT Consulting

We are a Digital Consultancy experienced in working with Businesses globally. We offer various IT services such as Mobile (iOS & Android) Application Development, Web Consultancy & Software Development and are registered with the Companies House in England and Wales with Company Number 11224642.


Our Services

In the fast moving world of Modern technology, we strive to remain up to date and to go the extra mile which has allowed us serve Clients across the globe from North America to Australia. Target ICT Ltd has over time satisfactorily rendered the following services to our growing list of Clients:

Custom Development

Our team of expert programmers can create custom software to simplify your business processes.

Digital Transformation

We implement cutting edge tech in your business from idea to strategy to integration.

IT Consulting

With our vast experience, we are able to manage your business tech and fix any issues encountered.


Recent Projects

These are a few of the projects we have completed recently for clients around the world. You can contact us to implement something similar for you.

Re-Design & Translation

Revamping the design and creating a translation of the Website of a Law Firm in Vancouver, Canada.

Food Web Design

Creation of a Booking/Ecommerce Website for a Catering/Food truck Business in Birmingham, UK.

Ecommerce App

Android/iOS Mobile Apps for an E-Commerce store allowing users do their shopping via the app.

Energy Company

Building of a responsive and search engine optimized Website for an energy company.

Mobile App

Mobile App for the Global Shapers - A Youth Body of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

ERP Implementation

Implementation of a custom ERP software to manage sales and inventory in a textile Business.


Re-Design of our 2 Year old website for a better user experience & conversions.

Job Portal

Building a custom Job/Immigration assistance portal to enable skilled professionals easily migrate.

Energy Company

Building of a responsive and search engine optimized Website for an energy company.

Mobile App

Mobile App for the Global Shapers - A Youth Body of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

HTML to Wordpress conversion

Conversion of HTML Website to Wordpress to allow for easier management of Blog posts by team.


What we work with

We built profitable businesses before we started offering IT services and as such we have a strong bias for achieving positive results for business clients we work with. We make use of modern programming languages, tools and frameworks basing the choice on the unique requirements of the project to be tackled.





Our Values

How we work

At Target ICT Ltd, every prospective project is individually evaluated for its merits and demerits and also to ensure that the maximum ROI obtainable from the project can be delivered to the client. We ensure that only subject matter experts work on each project in depth and all deliverables meet industry standards and delivery is done as quickly as possible.


From happy clients

Our Website from 2014 was outdated, difficult to use on Mobiles and in Mandarin only so we needed a new Website. Target ICT Built us a perfect, bi-lingual and beautiful on mobile Website we are happy with.

- Tiansheng Wen -

Assistant, Jiang Law Corporation

We had a website when we started but somehow lost it. Target ICT halped us get a new and working online presence in less than a week at an affordable price so now those who google our Business can get to us.

- Kirk Hewitt -

Owner, Treasure Taste Birmingham

Target ICT Built the first Website for our Brand Maria's Pot and has always been there to handle all issues pertaining to the ICT aspect of our Business.

- Maria Nunez -

CEO, Maria's Pot Ltd

We used a paper based accounting system previously and as a Business spread across 3 continents, this made it difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Target ICT built an ERP system to make this process so easy and pleasurable.

- Eric Kalio -

Accounts, FENICO

Our Blog

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