What We do?

We are a Digital Consultancy experienced in working with Businesses globally. We offer various IT services such as Mobile (iOS & Android) Application Development, Web Consultancy & Software Development and are registered with the Companies House in England and Wales with Company Number 11224642.

A Little History

With a 100% remote team which had been building Websites & software for over a decade with Business startup experience in food & e-commerce, Target ICT Ltd was formally incorporated in February 2018 initially working out of the Innovation Center at the De-Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom. Target ICT was set up to solve internal IT issues and our solutions have been popular among clients.

Our Values

How we work

At Target ICT Ltd, every prospective project is individually evaluated for its merits and demerits and also to ensure that the maximum ROI obtainable from the project can be delivered to the client. We ensure that only subject matter experts work on each project in depth and all deliverables meet industry standards and delivery is done as quickly as possible.





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