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Harden WordPress – 18 ways to secure your WordPress Installation

The term, “harden WordPress”, is used to describe the process involved in making the default installation a lot more secure and impenetrable.

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WordPress site to static html conversion

WordPress site to static HTML conversion is a project we are carrying out at the moment and we decided to write on this to create more insight for any website owner who is having thoughts of doing something similar since the more popular conversion is HTML to WordPress.Read More

Getting a custom email for your Business

Over the years communicating with clients and prospects, we’ve discovered that a lot of times, it’s common for these businesses to use free email providers such as Yahoo and Gmail as their main medium for email communication.Read More

Introducing the Site Rescue Series

In the past decade+ operating various web hosting businesses, we have had the privilege of encountering and solving all kinds of website issues caused by a multitude of issues.Read More

You too can take payments on your website

With the global pandemic we just faced which forced the majority of businesses to shut down physical locations and limit physical interactions, the importance of online payments came to the forefront.Read More

How to create QR codes for your Business free

How to create QR codes is a question you must have had on your mind at least once on seeing one.Read More

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