#10. Why I started the Tech your Business podcast.

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#10. Why I started the Tech your Business podcast. Tech Your Business

We've been talking about Tech for the past 9 episodes of the Tech your Business podcast. Today, on our 10th episode, I've decided to do something different. I've decided to answer the question.. Why did I start this podcast? For those who have been clients of Target ICT and dealt directly with me, it's an open secret that I'm probably the most generous person you'd ever meet, giving my time, knowledge & resources freely and accepting only satisfaction that another business owner was helped out of a difficult situation as payment. Get a drink and listen as I talk about: 🔹 My roots – so I stop getting asked about my unique accent 🔹 How a laptop my mum got me 17 years ago changed my path 🔹 My mentorship experience 🔹 How starting businesses in various industries previously has helped with my current role 🔹 The future of the podcast. If you're a regular listener or prospective guest and would like to know more about the person you've been listening to, I believe this is the best episode for you! Join your host, Peter, an accomplished tech and business expert, as he brings you the latest insights and practical advice to help your business thrive in this digital age. Tech your Business is brought to you by ⁠⁠⁠Target ICT Ltd⁠⁠⁠, a leading provider of innovative tech solutions and consulting services dedicated to empowering businesses to reach new heights. The 'Tech Your Business' podcast deciphers complex tech concepts, offering actionable takeaways to help businesses thrive in the digital age. But that's not all – we're also opening the floor to you, our listeners. If you have a compelling story about how technology has transformed your business, or if you've navigated through cyber threats and want to share your experiences, we'd love to hear from you. Your journey could enlighten many other businesses tuning into this podcast and also expose your brand. With a wealth of experience and a passion for helping businesses succeed, we are your go-to resources for all things tech, business, and growth. Don't miss an episode – subscribe today and unlock the full potential of your business and if you've got a tech story to share, reach out to us – you could be our next guest. Let's explore the power of technology together.

We’re excited to bring you a special Tech Your Business Podcast episode.

In this special episode, we’re taking a break from our usual tech discussions to talk about how the show got started. Join us as we talk about the things that led to the Tech Your Business Podcast and how they made it possible.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Find out more about the host, Peter Banigo and their past, such as how they got to start Target ICT in the UK as well as where they are from (should answer the accent question 😀 ).
  • Find out how their personal situations have shaped how they think about business and technology.
  • Find out how the host has been interested in technology for as long as they can remember, from making polyphonic ringtones on early cell phones to the profound effect of getting their first laptop, that opened up a whole new world of options.
  • Explore the host’s forays into different industries and learn from his or her useful experiences and business insights.
  • Learn how their work in different businesses gave them a unique view on how to solve technology problems that business owners face.
  • Find out what it was like for the host to be a business guide and share their knowledge and experiences with aspiring business owners.
  • Find out how the host’s mentorship led them to look for a bigger place to share their wealth of knowledge and thoughts.
  • Find out why the podcast was started, such as the desire to make complicated tech ideas easier to understand and make knowledge available to a bigger audience.
  • Learn what you can from the podcast format, which lets business owners who are busy read or listen to material on their own time.

What’s next:

  • Find out what the host thinks the Tech Your Business Podcast will be like in the future and how it will help business owners.
  • Find out how the podcast tries to bridge the gap between changes in technology and how they affect companies.

In this special show, we’ll talk in depth about how the Tech Your Business Podcast got started. Find out more about the host’s goals, experiences, and the idea behind this platform for sharing information. Don’t miss this interesting show as we continue to help business owners figure out how to deal with the ever-changing world of technology.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the Tech Your Business Podcast and share it with others who could benefit from the useful insights and discussions. In upcoming shows, we’ll talk about the latest tech trends and how they affect businesses.

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