27 ways to increase website traffic & get more prospects!

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How to increase website traffic is one concern for many business owners as having a website is one thing, having a website which generates profits for your business is a whole different kettle of fish.

One reason why a lot of Businesses don’t see a reason to get or maintain a website is that most business websites do not generate any profits for them.

We have been building websites for over a decade and over time, we have discovered various ways to increase website traffic and get more prospects to business owners.

We would be listing them below:

  • Increase website traffic with a Regularly updated blog:

This was listed first as this is exactly what brought you to this page.

Having a regularly updated blog is a highly underrated traffic strategy which works wonders for any website. Regularly publishing new and relevant content on your blog would ensure that your readers always have something new to look forward to when they visit your website and also would have them coming back for more.

Well researched and helpful topics would also make people searching for things on the internet find your site more as the search engines love fresh content.

  • Guest Blogging

Apart from writing blog posts for your own website’s blog, you can also create a strategy of regularly blogging on related high traffic blogs hosted on other websites.

Content creation is hard so other websites would readily accept yours as long as its good quality and you don’t compete in the same market with them (this will work well if you work in a complimentary sector e.g. a roofing company blogging on a plumbing company’s blog.)

  • Reviewing Old Blog posts

Like was mentioned before, search engines love fresh content.

A lot of times, after blog posts are published, the information in them becomes outdated or new information, comes up that, has to be added in order for the posts to remain relevant.

Regularly going through old posts and updating them would make the posts rank higher, driving more traffic and would also provide more value to new readers making them more likely to patronize your business.

  • Let friends and staff share posts

Making a post nobody reads is as bad as making none at all.

Whenever you make a new post or update a new page on your website, make sure you share the link to fellow staff members and friends to share on their social media, email and other channels.

There is a huge probability that someone on their network would find the information useful and more people would gain awareness of your business and the services it provides.

  • Publish Original Research

This is one of the harder parts which can bring a lot of benefits.

Do you have information or research about your industry that can’t be found anywhere on the internet? Ensure you publish it on your website (with the right keywords of course). When you have information that can’t be found anywhere on the internet, a lot of bigger websites would link to you when referencing the source of data they use in their posts and this is always a huge source of free traffic for any business website.

  • Increase website traffic with an Email list

When you shop at most online stores, you would notice they always ask for your email address and permission to send marketing emails and then regularly send emails to you on new updates and stock. If it is a business you regularly patronise you must have read one of those emails and purchased more things from them.

That is the entire essence and power of email marketing. To increase website traffic for your business, one good strategy is to add forms for site visitors to add their emails (please note handling of any customer/prospect data should follow strict GDPR requirements) and receive regular emails from your business.

You can send emails on product updates, new blog posts, stock updates or even create a monthly email newsletter!

  • Create Valuable lead magnets

One way to “bribe” website visitors to sign up to your email list (mentioned before this) is to create what is called a “lead magnet” for them.

So you might go on a website, read a post and then be presented with a form to enter your email if you want to get more in-depth information (e.g. the industry research mentioned earlier). You can do this with especially valuable content you create, so you can have more people on your email list. Make sure the lead magnet has your website address added to every page so whenever it is shared to anyone else, they would be able to see your website and visit it.

  • Build a mobile app to increase website traffic

A mobile application is another under-rated way of getting more traffic to your website. A mobile app would regularly remind those who have it installed that your business exists, allow you send notifications on new updates and increase traffic in many other ways.

Having your mobile app installed in your customers mobile is about the closest you can get your business to the customer.

  • Regularly using Social Media to attract website visitors

50.4% of the world’s population uses social media with the percentage increasing to 78% of the UK population on social media.

You are missing a lot if you’re not regularly posting your website pages on social media channels your clients/prospects regularly use such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube and Quora. You would likely need to create pages for your business there in order to benefit from this traffic source.

  • Using Influencers

This is an extension of using social media above.

There are popular accounts on social media with either a large number or followers or a lot of engagement. These are called influencers and you can search for those whose prospects match the avatar of your best clients and build relationships with them so they can periodically post content from your website or become brand ambassadors, driving more traffic to your business website.

  • Following best practices for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which was explained in a previous post is another great way of bringing a lot of new visitors to your website practically free of charge. SEO is basically adjusting your website so it shows more often on search engines. When your website is SEO optimized, more people looking for what you have on your website would visit and turn to clients if what they find is what they want.

  • Having the website address on business cards

Even though practically everything is now virtual, the business card still remains relevant.

Most business cards already have a website address printed on them but we have a pro tip! What about instead of putting the home page on the card you print a specific page to a specific offer relevant to your audience? That would make a larger percentage of the people you give your card to visit your website.

  • Newspapers

While the readers of newspapers have greatly declined since the advent of the internet, there are still a lot of people who read them and they are still available in a lot of places.

If you run newspaper adverts for your business, don’t forget to add your website address conspicuously to get more traffic.

  • Using PPC Adverts

Whenever you use a search engine like Bing or Google, if you notice at the top and at the side (at times) there are adverts usually relevant to what you searched for.

These adverts are called Pay per Click (PPC) adverts and you can also advertise your website in those spaces (I’m sure you’ve clicked on these ads rather than the search results more than once.)

  • Car Wraps

Depending on your business type (and local regulations), a car wrap is one effective and affordable way to ensure more prospects can see your website. This way, you effectively turn your car to a moving bill board and get more traffic to your website/business.

Since local regulations on display advertising differ widely, it would be great to check with your local council first to know what type of wrapping is allowed and if there are any fees to be paid.

  • Networking at conferences and events

This might sound cliché as most businesses already market at conferences and other events. To drive more traffic to your business website from these events, you can always turn the conversation to your latest (or most relevant to the prospect) blog post and ensure they check that out.

  • Printing Web Address on uniforms

If your business requires you or staff wear any type of uniform then you should look at the practicality of printing your web address on these uniforms for more exposure

Doing this would create multiple mobile billboards ensuring that people wherever the uniform wearer is would be able to see and visit your website.

  • Making Website responsive

Majority of users browse the internet through their mobile phones.

A responsive website is one which adjusts to the screen which it is being viewed on, so for instance, if you are viewing this website with a mobile phone, try using a tablet and then a laptop. You would see that the website would appear and be arranged differently in all 3. In a non-responsive website, when you go on a smaller screen you might have to start scrolling from left to right to see content as the website won’t fit in the screen.

A responsive website gives a better user experience and gets more free search engine traffic and this is why making your website responsive (if it is not) is one way to increase website traffic.

  • LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals which is very useful especially if you sell to the enterprise or professional clients.

You can share content regularly on LinkedIn pulse (and your LinkedIn profile) and link from there to your website in order to get more traffic.

  • Use QR Codes

You may have a long, hard to spell or hard to remember web address (we would suggest getting a new, shorter domain name and redirecting it to the existing one in this case,) so in this case printing out your web address might not serve the purpose of driving more traffic.

In this case, QR codes might be a better option. You can create QR codes leading to specific pages of your website so anyone with a camera phone or QR code reader would be able to easily visit your website without having to type it out in full. QR codes are affordable and easy to create.

  • Window Decals

Why have boring windows when you can advertise on them?! If your windows are in a high traffic area, you can always have custom window decals printed advertising your business and showing your website (or QR code). This would expose your business to hundreds of people who otherwise might not know about it otherwise.

  • Direct Mail

Direct mail is highly underrated! This is basically sending out post containing marketing material to a list of identified prospects. Direct mail was very popular before the internet and though most businesses no longer use it, that makes it a lot more attractive as there is less competition for customer attention.

The more creative the mailing is, the more likely it is to get results.

  • Radio & TV

Yes, we are going retro but according to Ofcom, 89.6% of people in the UK listen to the radio at least once a week.

You can make radio and TV ads, get on talkshows or get interviewed and mention your business in the process in order to get more traffic.

  • Interviews and Podcasts

As mentioned in the point above, a lot of media outlets would happily interview you as a subject matter expert on shows related to your industry. You can be on the lookout for such opportunities, so you can mention your business and website and get extra traffic. Podcasts are really popular these days and the lifetime of a podcast is usually longer than that of a TV show so it is totally worth it getting on these too.

  • Internal & External links

When creating content, one of the recommended practices for increasing traffic and making your content easier to discover is creating links to and from relevant pages. For Instance we talked about SEO on this post and linked to a previous post on SEO. You can also request links from other websites to your relevant posts.

Linking relevant content makes your content easier to discover by search engine robots and by readers and can keep readers on your site for longer.

  • Video Marketing

You can regularly create videos of your process, solutions to issues clients come across, demonstration of various products and the like and share to various video sharing networks. Video is the preferred contact format for a lot of prospects and getting your business on these video sharing platforms would help generate more traffic.

  • List on GMB

If you search for a term like “Lawyer in Derby” on Google, you see that some of the results come out as contact details (address, phone number, ratings, etc.) These results come up when the business lists on Google My Business (GMB). Listing is straightforward and involves creating (or claiming if it already exists) your listing and verifying your address via a post card that would be sent via mail.

There are a lot more ways to increase website traffic and make your website a profit center for your business so if you have any please share.

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