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Delivering web projects 100% remotely


After years of team members delivering web projects and other ICT solutions, Target ICT Ltd was formally established in the early part of 2018.

While the Business is incorporated and pays all taxes in the United Kingdom,Read More

Post COVID-19: 10 Resources to help your UK Business recover faster.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of small businesses globally have found themselves in dire straits financially as they haven’t been able to receive customers due to the lock-downs. Read More

Website Development for Law Firms – 13 must have features

If you went through our previous post outlining reasons why a law firm needs a website you would know that about 80% of your potential clients are on the internet, seeking to connect with a reliable law firm. Read More

How to make changes to your Website.

We get the question; “How can I make changes to our website?” a lot these days.

As a website development agency, we speak to a lot of clients and prospects daily looking to get a new website done or an existing website re-designed.Read More

Why re-design your Business website?

You need a web site, get an agency to build it and they put it online.

What next?

It is very common among website owners to think once a Website is published online, it should be forgotten forever.Read More


To prevent anarchy and entrench order, various nations around the world are guided by different sets of laws in different forms which at times as a result of volume are ambiguous and need to change with changing times. Law firms exist to interpret the law and exist in various forms all around the world.Read More

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