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Harden WordPress – 18 ways to secure your WordPress Installation

The term, “harden WordPress”, is used to describe the process involved in making the default installation a lot more secure and impenetrable.

In our last post, we talked about converting WordPress sites to static HTML Read More

WordPress site to static html conversion

WordPress site to static HTML conversion is a project we are carrying out at the moment and we decided to write on this to create more insight for any website owner who is having thoughts of doing something similar since the more popular conversion is HTML to WordPress.Read More

How to create QR codes for your Business free

How to create QR codes is a question you must have had on your mind at least once on seeing one.Read More

How to keep your footer copyright year auto updated.

Its that time of the year again where the footer copyright year in almost every website becomes automatically outdated!!

If you scroll to the bottom of your website, (most of the time)Read More

How to make changes to your Website.

We get the question; “How can I make changes to our website?” a lot these days.

As a website development agency, we speak to a lot of clients and prospects daily looking to get a new website done or an existing website re-designed.Read More

How to fix type E_PARSE error on Lingotek Version 1.4.3

This is a brief post on how to fix type E_PARSE error on Lingotek Version 1.4.3 on WordPress 5.2.2.Read More

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