10 reasons why your law firm website needs a blog & 3 reasons why it might not.

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You’ve paid thousands of pounds for your shiny new law firm website, but you’re noticing a lot of similar law firms have a blog added to their website, which you don’t.

While a blog is an optional feature on a typical law firm website, there are a lot of reasons why it would be beneficial and profitable to the typical law firm and a few reasons why it won’t be necessary.

We know our average reader is busy and pressed for time, so this would go straight to these reasons.

10 Reasons your law firm’s website needs a blog.

  1. Search Engines love blogs:
    One of the primary benefits of a business website is the opportunity to attract “free” traffic from major search engines like Duck Duck Go, Bing, Google and the rest.
    Fresh, relevant and constantly updated content is one of the reasons why some websites get more traffic from search engines than others and a blog is a guaranteed source of fresh content.
    If you check website traffic analytics, you realize most of the visitors from search engines come not only through the homepage of your website, but through various blog posts that have been written over time.
  2. A Blog can establish you as an expert/thought leader:
    The legal field depends a lot on referrals to drum up new business.
    To get referrals for your firm, you need to either be known to the referring client or have solved a problem satisfactorily for them.
    People would usually only refer those who won’t cause a dent to their reputation.
    With the blog built into your law firm website, you can regularly share deep legal and industry insight, positioning you as the expert/thought leader you are which would lead to you being more widely known by strangers who are likely to either turn into clients or refer their new-found legal expert to qualified prospects who they know and who trust them.
  3. Blogs are a cost-effective way to advertise:
    There are various types of content a law firm can publish to its blog.
    New hires, Won cases, firm news, awards, analysis of new laws/regulation, free professional advise and other announcements.
    Publishing these on commercial outlets can cost a lot but when you have a corporate blog, you can always publish as much information as you want for the price of $0.0 and share via email or other means to your clients/prospects.
  4. A blog would save time and improve service:
    This is one benefit we have realised blogging for Target ICT and other businesses.
    Before a prospect turns into a paying client, they would have a lot of questions they would like clarified first of all and most of the time, they would have to call the reception or leave an email to get these answers.
    Most of the time, these questions, these clients have are identical and repeated.
    A law firm blog would give you the opportunity to create individual posts answering these questions so most of them are already answered before the prospect picks the phone to call your firm.
    This saves a lot of time and money in support letting the front desk focus on closing pre-qualified clients.
  5. A blog keeps your audience updated about your business:
    One way to ensure you are the first choice whenever your clients need expert legal help is regularly updating them so they know you are in business.
    Regularly posting on your blog and sending these posts to your clients and email list would keep your firm top of mind and ensure that you are the first choice when they need the services you offer.
  6. Your blog posts showcase your engagement in the legal field:
    Along with being positioned as a thought leader, a regularly updated and managed blog would be a way of showing that your law firm is in business.
    Clients are more likely to patronise service providers others are using so when you showcase won cases, participation in industry events, awards, new hires, office moves & expansions and the like, you’re showing prospective clients that you are in business and actively engaging in your industry.
  7. More content on your website means more ways for new clients to find you:
    Blog posts are ranked according to the “keywords” which they provide the most complete and useful information for. For instance, you could rank for “family lawyer in Wolverhampton” by writing and promoting a lot of blog posts about family law and being a family lawyer in the said city.
    You can also rank for various services by publishing more content so when prospects search online for these services, your firm blog would be among the top results.
    The more targeted articles you publish, the more ways your business can be discovered by new clients.
  8. A current law firm blog sets you apart from the competition:
    Having a current and regularly updated blog would put your firm miles ahead of most other law firms, A lot of the competition have no blog attached to their websites, a lot who have one do not post or update regularly while a lot who post do so without any knowledge of search engine optimization and the right keywords to use.
    Having a well researched, regularly updated and promoted blog would put your firm ahead of all these.
  9. A Blog provides content for your social media accounts:
    We are going to share this post on all our social media accounts.
    The posts you make on your blog can be shared to social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the like to benefit clients and prospects and also promote your business.
  10. A Blog would help build your email database:
    We’ve mentioned email more than thrice and this is because despite the growth in technology and proliferation of communication channels, email remains one of the best ways to grow your business and keep in touch with clients/prospects.
    You can add email sign up forms within blog posts so if readers are interested in hearing from you, they can give you their contact details to send more information.
    Regular (not spam) email communication with them is another way of keeping your business top of mind in prospects/clients and having a blog would help you build this email database.

Three Reasons your law firm’s website might not need a blog.

We have gone through 10 ways a blog would add value to your Business website.

To be fair, we would also cover some reasons why a blog may not be the right thing at the moment for your firm and they are as below:

  1. There is no strategy to maintain it:
    It is one thing to build a blog, and it is another thing to regularly post, ensure the posts made are relevant to your audience and promote these posts.
    For a firm to maximise the benefit of having a blog, they either have to include it in their marketing/outreach strategy or outsource the content and promotion to professionals.
    Is there a plan for that? If no, then you don’t need a blog yet.
  2. There would be no SEO and keyword strategy:
    There is a difference between making posts and making posts that are search engine friendly and attract qualified prospects with no penny spent on advertisements.
    While creating content for your blog, the process should be intentional with each post targeting a keyword and linking the related posts which the reader might have interest in.
    It might not be profitable to just right with no regard to a strategy to attract search engine traffic especially for a young law firm.
  3. It would cost a lot more than it would ever bring in:
    This is the summary of the reasons why you shouldn’t get a blog for your business website (at least yet).
    As a business focused IT consultancy we do not accept projects which would not give your business a positive ROI. If the net income received from clients attracted or closed by the blog is less than the budget used in setting it up, then it won’t be a good investment for your business and should be delayed till there is a strategy to ensure it returns whatever is spent on it many times over.

Need a blog for your law firm website? We can help!

If after looking at the pro’s and cons of adding a Blog to your Website you still decide you want one, then you are at the right place!

At Target ICT,  over the past few years, we have helped businesses maximise their returns from their investment in tech, and we are your best partner to deliver and manage your law firm blog project from anywhere in the world.

We can add a blog to your existing website making it match the look, so visitors don’t feel they have gone to a different site, we can re-design your existing website or build something entirely new for you.

We also provide a content management service where our team of writers would regularly churn out relevant and search engine friendly content for your new blog so you can focus on your core business.

Contact Us so we can discuss launching your next project.

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