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jiang law case study

Jiang Law Corporation is a distinguished law firm based in Richmond, British Columbia, a region home to the largest Chinese community. The firm is dedicated to serving clients of Chinese descent, leveraging their profound understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, as well as their deep familiarity with the Canadian Judicial System. They offer a broad spectrum of services including family law, real estate law, immigration law, corporate law, and more, and are deeply committed to delivering personalized, high-quality, and result-oriented legal services.

Despite their expertise and dedication to serving their clientele, Jiang Law faced a significant challenge – their static, non-responsive, six-year-old website. The site was exclusively in Mandarin, difficult to navigate on mobile devices, and did not effectively communicate the firm’s growing business to potential new clients. Moreover, the site was hard to update, restricting the firm’s ability to keep their clientele informed of their latest services and accomplishments.

Target ICT, a business-focused IT consultancy, was approached to address these challenges. Our mission was to redesign the website, making it a powerful tool for Jiang Law to attract, engage, and convert potential clients. This was not just about making the website look better – it was about creating a platform that truly reflected the quality and breadth of Jiang Law’s services, while reaching out to both their English and Chinese-speaking clientele. We aimed to transform their website into a dynamic, user-friendly platform that would effectively generate leads and contribute positively to their business growth.

As we delve into this case study, we will take you through our meticulous process, the solutions we implemented, and the impact of our work on Jiang Law’s lead generation and overall business performance.

The Challenge

When Jiang Law Corporation approached us, the website they were using was far from ideal for the goals they wanted to achieve. It was nearly six years old and was facing several significant challenges.

  1. Language limitation: The previous website was designed only in Mandarin, limiting its accessibility to only Mandarin-speaking visitors. While this might have been somewhat functional considering their target market of Chinese descent, it nonetheless disregarded a significant portion of potential clients who were more comfortable with English. In a country like Canada, where English is one of the two official languages, such a limitation was a considerable drawback.
  2. Non-responsive design: In today’s digital era, a significant number of users access websites through their mobile devices. Unfortunately, Jiang Law’s old website was not designed with a responsive layout, which means it was difficult to view and navigate on mobile devices. This led to a poor user experience, particularly for those accessing the site on smartphones or tablets.
  3. Difficulty in updating content: The old website was not user-friendly for the administrators as well. Updating the site with new content, such as the latest news or services, was a complex process. This resulted in outdated information being left on the site, which could confuse or mislead potential clients.
  4. Poor representation of the business: As Jiang Law Corporation continued to grow and expand its services, its website was left behind. The outdated design and content did not reflect the firm’s current status, its expanded services, or its professional image. This could lead potential clients to underestimate the firm’s capabilities.
  5. Lack of lead generation features: The old website did not have any contact forms or calls to action to guide visitors to reach out to the firm, effectively missing out on potential leads. This left the firm dependent on traditional methods of contact, which could be a hurdle for some potential clients.

These challenges formed the crux of the problem that needed to be addressed. The website was not just an information portal but a crucial part of Jiang Law’s client acquisition and service process. As such, these issues were more than inconveniences – they were significant barriers to the firm’s growth.

The Solution

In the initial meeting, we used Skype and email to communicate with the client and better understand their needs and frustrations.

Client Interview: During our discussion, the law firm explained their desire to make their services more accessible to both English and Chinese-speaking clients, to reflect their business’s growth, and to make the website more user-friendly and easy to update. By conducting a thorough interview, we were able to identify their needs, understand their business model, and gather enough information to start designing a website that would meet all their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Mockup creation & proposal: After we fully understood the client’s requirements, we set to work creating three different website mockups. Each mockup was designed with the client’s needs and specifications in mind but offered different aesthetics and layouts for the client to choose from. This gave the client an opportunity to visualize their new website and have a say in how it would look and feel.

Once the client selected their preferred mockup, we prepared a comprehensive proposal. This proposal detailed the features that the new website would include, such as a mobile-responsive design, bilingual capabilities, and search engine optimization, among others. It also outlined the cost of implementing these features and the timeline for the project. We collaborated closely with the client to fine-tune this proposal until we reached an agreement that was satisfactory to both parties.

Redesign process: During the redesign process, we made several key changes to the website that were aligned with the client’s needs and contributed to a more user-friendly, accessible, and effective online presence.

1. Multilingual Feature: One of the major changes we made was to create a multilingual version of the website. This was a significant improvement because the firm’s target market included both English and Chinese-speaking clients. Having a website that could cater to both these language groups broadened the firm’s reach and made it more accessible to a wider audience. This decision has proven to be incredibly beneficial, with the firm receiving numerous legal enquiries and briefs in both English and Chinese ever since the new website was launched.

2. Responsive Design: We also ensured that the new website was responsive, meaning that it would automatically adjust to fit the screen size of the viewing device. This feature improved the website’s functionality and usability, particularly for mobile users who were previously having difficulty viewing the old website.

3. Ease of Navigation: The new website was designed to be easy to navigate. We organized the website’s content in a clear and logical way, allowing users to find the information they needed quickly and easily.

4. Contact Information: We made it simple for clients to contact the firm by including clear and prominent contact information on the website. Clients could now easily get in touch with the firm via phone, email, or by planning an office visit.

5. SEO Friendly: Finally, we made sure that the website was built to be search engine friendly and in accordance with the latest standards. This meant optimizing the website’s content and meta tags, among other elements, to improve its visibility on search engines and attract more organic traffic.

The results

Following the implementation of the redesigned and translated website, Jiang Law Corporation experienced a notable increase in enquiries. More than five enquiries started coming in per week without any form of advertisement less than a year later. The firm found that most of these enquiries converted to opportunities because most leads were already sold before they reached out. The enquiries came through both the English and Mandarin contact forms on their website​. This demonstrates how the multilingual aspect of the website helped the firm attract and communicate with a broader client base.

The new website for Jiang Law Corporation,, presents the law firm as a professional, experienced, and client-focused legal service provider operating in Richmond, British Columbia. The firm’s services are outlined on the website, which include family law, real estate law, immigration law, corporate law, civil litigation, wills and trusts, notarial services, and mergers and acquisitions. The firm emphasizes its personalized service, reviewing each specific case individually, and customizing its services to meet the client’s unique expectations.

The redesigned website also features a section dedicated to introducing the team of Jiang Law Corporation, which includes experienced lawyers and assistants. This provides potential clients with information about the legal professionals who would be handling their cases and gives a more personalized touch to the website​​.

The “Why Us?” section on the website shares the unique selling propositions of the firm. It emphasizes the firm’s commitment to prioritizing clients, understanding the unique needs of the Chinese community, and their reputation for effective and nuanced representation as well as practical counsel. The firm also highlights its deep understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, and its ability to translate intricate Canadian laws into a language that their clients can fully understand​.

The website redesign and translation project for Jiang Law Corporation proved to be a great success. The multilingual website has helped the firm reach a wider audience and cater better to their target market, which includes both English and Chinese speaking clients. The firm reported an increase in the number of legal inquiries and briefs received in both languages, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the redesigned and translated website​


The website redesign had a substantial impact on the business of the Jiang Law Corporation. Prior to the redesign, the firm’s website was primarily in Mandarin, not mobile-friendly, hard to update, and failed to accurately represent the growing business to potential clients​. The updated website, which is now responsive, easy to navigate, and available in both English and Mandarin, has considerably improved the firm’s outreach and engagement with their target market. The decision to create a multilingual version of the website has resulted in a substantial increase in legal enquiries and briefs, in both English and Chinese​.

The case of Jiang Law Corporation underscores the importance of a responsive, multilingual, and user-friendly website in reaching out to a wider audience and improving business prospects. It’s crucial that a company’s website accurately represents its offerings and capabilities, and is easily accessible and understandable to its target audience. The redesign of Jiang Law Corporation’s website has ensured just that, by making it user-friendly, easy to navigate, and available in the languages of their target demographic.

If you, too, are seeking to expand your business reach, improve your online presence, or simply update your outdated website, do not underestimate the difference a professional website redesign can make. Just like the Jiang Law Corporation, you could be just one decision away from unlocking a wealth of new business opportunities.

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