How to create QR codes for your Business free

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How to create QR codes is a question you must have had on your mind at least once on seeing one.

A Quick response (QR) Code is a scannable, machine readable code which is typically used to store information for easy accessibility and to save time.

While we have been using QR codes for over a decade in our business, especially on business cards to present our contact cards, this post was inspired by a post on Vice describing how hundreds of drones worked together to form a scannable QR code in the sky.



This gives a wide indication of the usefulness and how widespread QR codes are becoming in everyday life.

With the wide adoption of social media and personal mobile gadgets, humans nowadays have greatly reduced attention spans which means to get any results, all marketing communication in the first instance should be catchy, easy to implement and actionable.

This is where QR codes come in.

Most modern camera phones come with a QR code reader.

In our sample business card above, if you scan the QR code, you immediately get a save-able e-contact containing:

  • Staff name
  • Staff Email
  • Staff Phone Number
  • Company Name and Website

All within 3 seconds of scanning compared to minutes of typing all these out manually.

QR codes are used in making payments, linking popular chat apps, sharing contact, saving information and advertising and you can start using them in your business today!


How to Create QR Codes for your Business

When we give out our Business cards, we usually get asked how the QR code is made and as a result of this, we have created a free QR code generator to allow anybody freely generate and customise QR codes to use for business cards, marketing materials and other purposes.

Visit to try our free QR code generator (100% free no gimmicks.)

How to create qr codes free for your business

With our tool you can create QR codes for:

  • web addresses,
  • text, ‘
  • sending an email,
  • location information,
  • making a phone call,
  • sending an SMS,
  • sending Skype, zoom or Whatsapp information,
  • displaying WiFi connection information,
  • saving an electronic contact card with all details,
  • displaying event information or
  • setting up a Paypal or bitcoin payment

Our Generator also lets you totally customise your design, so you can:

  • use custom colours
  • add a custom pattern
  • add your logo
  • choose the sort of frame it would come in.

If you’ve been wondering how to create QR codes free for your business, there you have it!

Please share your creations and any improvements you would like on it.

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