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EntrepreneurialTruth podcast feature

In a recent episode of the EntrepreneurialTruth podcast hosted by Kesi Case, our founder Peter opened up about his entrepreneurial journey and how he has mastered achieving work-life balance as a business owner.

The in-depth conversation covered Peter’s path from starting his first business, a web hosting company, right after college in 2010 to simultaneously running four different businesses by 2018. He candidly discussed the struggles of trying to juggle too many ventures at once without proper focus.

Peter reflected, “I realized that focus is really powerful. When I was running those four businesses, I never had time for myself. I would wake up at 6:30am, be at the office until 8 or 9pm from Monday to Sunday with no breaks. “

The turning point came when Peter decided to solely focus on Target ICT, his passion in 2020. This pivot allowed him to regain control of his schedule, working reasonable 9-5 hours Monday through Friday while earning more than when he spread himself across multiple companies.

One key learning Peter emphasized was the importance of delegating effectively and teaching your team to solve problems independently instead of constantly seeking your input. He also stressed making your health a priority for peak mental and physical performance.

Since 2023, Peter has made fitness a habit through daily walks, regular gym visits, and overhauling his diet by cutting out processed foods and added sugars. “I feel much younger now at this stage than when I was 25,” he remarked.

Peter further discussed leveraging technology and AI tools to streamline operations at Target ICT, such as radically reducing content creation time while maintaining quality through human editing and oversight.

The full insightful episode covers Peter’s entrepreneurial evolutions, practical tactics for achieving better work-life integration, and his outlook on balancing personal well-being with business responsibilities.

Tune in to learn from Peter Banigo’s experienced perspective by checking out “Mastering Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur with Peter Banigo” on the EntrepreneurialTruth podcast!

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