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You too can take payments on your website

With the global pandemic we just faced which forced the majority of businesses to shut down physical locations and limit physical interactions, the importance of online payments came to the forefront.Read More

How to create QR codes for your Business free

How to create QR codes is a question you must have had on your mind at least once on seeing one.Read More

27 ways to increase website traffic & get more prospects!

How to increase website traffic is one concern for many business owners as having a website is one thing, having a website which generates profits for your business is a whole different kettle of fish.

One reason why a lot of Businesses don’t see a reason to get or maintain a website is that most business websites do not generate any profits for them.

Read More

How to Apply for the Recovery Loan Scheme

The recovery loan, which is the latest initiative of the UK government has just been announced just as the head of Barclays Bank in the UK recently predicted that the country in 2021/2022 is set to experience the biggest economic boom since 1948 Read More

What is SEO on a website?

The question; what is SEO on a website, must have crossed your mind at least more than once when as a business decision maker, you receive offers from all over the world for this service.Read More

10 reasons why your law firm website needs a blog & 3 reasons why it might not.

You’ve paid thousands of pounds for your shiny new law firm website, but you’re noticing a lot of similar law firms have a blog added to their website, which you don’t.

While a blog is an optional feature on a typical law firm website, Read More

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