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We have finally put a name to the service! Over time, we have provided Web Hosting to our Web Development clients and have always ended up with rave reviews about the uptime, speed and support available. This has led clients to refer others with web hosting issues to us.

With the growing portfolio of hosting accounts accumulated, we decided to accomodate the Hosting clients under a separate brand from our core ICT consulting business which has given rise to Target Host.

Target Host, an extension of Target ICT Limited is a full service Web Hosting firm which offers hosting services to all sizes of business from shared and reseller hosting for small Businesses to VPS and Dedicated servers for the larger, higher traffic Businesses. Our shared and reseller servers run off Linux CentOS 7 and offer full support for PHP up to version 7 and SQL for databases. We offer high speed connectivity from multiple carriers and clean IP addresses in a true carrier neutral environment.

Target Host offers flexible payments for UK and International Clients with Stripe, Paypal and Direct Bank deposits being accepted and more to come as clients demand. Setup of services is instant after first verification to avoid fraud and seamless too.

We offer web hosting for Web developers, e-commerce websites, accountants, lawyers, architects, school projects, restaurants and pubs, personal websites, large scale, large traffic web applications and any other script or website compatible with our software/hosting environment. Not sure your website would work with our system? Contact us to find out!

Target ICT is giving 20% off every Hosting Plan you purchase from this link! Just use the coupon code; “LAUNCHPOST” on checkout.

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