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The WCAG Agency is our newly launched brand!!

The internet should be easy to access by everyone and this is something the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) was set up to streamline.

In over a decade of building websites and applications, we have gathered a lot of experience in ensuring compliance with these rules.

What led to the set up of this brand though is something different.

The United States in 1990, introduced the American’s with Disabilities (ADA) act. This made sure business premises are easily accessible by everyone.

With a supreme court ruling a few years back which included business websites as properties that should be compliant with the ADA, so many people started suing businesses with non compliant websites.

This means websites should have sufficiently contrasting colors, all images should have “alt” text as well as a lot of other modifications.

Since that ruling, the number of compliance cases against businesses has shot up dramatically with over 11,000 filed last year (2021).

These cases can be expensive and are all inconvenient especially with the current economic climate.

We have performed a number of audits and remediation for non compliant sites and we decided to put the experience from these in a product, the WCAG agency which should help as many businesses get ADA compliant in a very short time and at an affordable rate.

While our marketing would be focused on American businesses, any business from anywhere in the world who would love more inclusive development is free to contact us.


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