Why re-design your Business website?

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You need a web site, get an agency to build it and they put it online.

What next?

It is very common among website owners to think once a Website is published online, it should be forgotten forever.

On the contrary, it is best practice to once in a while come back to a website and edit to reflect business changes and also to ensure that the image of the business is projected properly.

Why re-design your Business website?

We pitch businesses around the world regularly on the need to revamp their web design and naturally they ask a lot of questions.

Some of the common questions they ask as well as our answers would be the foundation of this article.

A few reasons why you should consider looking at that website are:

  1. Keeping up with new design trends:
    As your Business grows, your branding might change, meaning you would have to reflect these changes on your business website and social media pages.
    A web design agency would easily inteprete those changes on your website.
    Also, when a home is constructed, over a couple of years it would need renovations and a lot of the time demolition and reconstruction (except you want to live in an antique home) to make it look more modern.
    This is the same with your business website. Since the first ever website was built, design trends and best practices have changed. We have gone from using tables to adopting and discarding flash for interactivity to flat design along with other trends.
    To ensure your website keeps up with the latest trends, it is essential that you review your design once in a while and refresh it when necessary.
  2. Compliance with new laws:
    Businesses tend to be heavily regulated and once in a while, new laws come out to guide their operations.
    Examples are the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) implemented by countries in the European Union in May 2018 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States.
    Both laws require you to make extensive changes to your website  and a lot of the time, like with the ADA act, you might have to do a redesign of your website as the changes made might end up affecting your site from its foundation making edits a lot more expensive.
    Please always look out for new laws regarding doing business online in your region and ensure you comply with them as fines may be hefty.
  3. Incorporating new technology:
    Like design trends have been changing, there have also been huge advances in technology since the first website ever was launched. An example is the move from desktop to mobile responsive websites with the great improvement in the capability of smartphones making them the primary medium through which most websites are viewed.
    A responsive website (like this website you are on) is one that automatically adjusts to fit the screen (desktop, mobile or tablet) which it is being viewed on.
    Most websites we have send proposals for were not responsive and as such, a viewer would have to zoom in, zoom out, scroll left and right in order to view the information on it which leads a lot of users to quit.
    Responsive websites are the best pratice currently, allow for the best user exoerience and also show up higher in search engines.
    Other technological advances you need to redesign for are things like the deprecation of flash in most modern browsers meaning if you have Flash content on your website, most users would not see it.
  4. Updating Information:
    One of the main reasons businesses go for a refresh of their websites is outdated information.
    From Team pages containing details of team members who have moved on or changed position to websites which don’t reflect current strategy of the business, this is a great reason for a website update (and possibly revamp).

What next?

There are many other reasons why a business would want to go down this route.

Would you like to revamp or re-design your outdated website?

Contact Target ICT Ltd to see how you can get started.

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