Why do you need an Android/iOS Mobile app for your pub?


You might be wondering, what is the relationship between a Modern Android/ iOS Mobile App and the iconic British Pub? This would let you know.

Setting up your Pub Business is amazing as you have created a space for socializing and interactions in your locality. The pub culture is one of the iconic aspects of British heritage with various ones available almost everywhere. Most pubs are historic and are custodians of so many stories of their locality.

While the pub is a traditional/social Business, it still remains a Business with overheads, wages and taxes to settle which means like every other Business, it needs to generate profits in order to survive. Different pubs have developed different strategies and games to keep visitors entertained most of which have evolved into staples such as darts, snooker and the ever popular pub quizzes.

There has been a decline in the Number of pubs nationwide in the last 2 decades and it is high time Pubs embrace modern technology to retain relevance and keep in close contact with clients in this age of technology and distractions. In the last two decades there has been an explosion in the use and adoption of Mobile phones with the Majority of the nation’s population owning one and savvy business owners have decided to take advantage of this new reality by getting in these mobile phones!

In order to attract new customers and ensure your existing customers have your pub brand, Target ICT can develop an Android and/or iOS application tailored specifically to your establishment which can help you achieve the following:

  • Digitize Pub Quizzes – Clients can take Pub quizzes on their phones with your Pub Mobile App which would save on stationery, waste generated and increase the efficiency of organizing the quiz
  • Host your Loyalty Program: With your App you can create offers and rewards for customers, have a loyalty program or regularly send coupons that can be used in house.
  • Food & Drink Ordering – You can upload your menu, images and pricing and let customers place orders for what they want and even pay right away