Mobile Apps for Ecommerce store

Android and iOS Mobile Applications for an existing e-commerce store.


Development of Android & iOS Mobile apps for Ecommerce store.


Planet of Things, a UK Ecommerce store shipping unique gadgets, toys and gift items globally required a mobile app to ensure clients linked more closely with the business and had more channels to transact.
While their existing store was performing well, they realised from competitor data that stores with a mobile app had more repeat sales and far higher customer loyalty - two very important keys to ecommerce success.
We were contacted to implement this.

Our Process

Building Mobile Apps can be a really expensive undertaking running into thousands of pounds and as such, this is something that has to be gotten right the first time and also yield an ROI in excess of the development, hosting and maintenance costs.
We first of all studied to client Website to confirm availability of existing API endpoints to let the App communicate with the website.
Based on this, we determined which approach would be best taken in completing the project all of which were included in the client proposal.

Solution we made

We built a Hybrid Mobile app with full ecommerce functionality and data fully synchronised with the main website.
Promo as well as informational notifications were included and the applications were extensively tested to confirm there were fast and appeared properly on tablets as well as large and average smartphones.
The Apps were published to both the Android & iOS stores to allow customers easily find, download and update them when needed.

Project Info

client: Planet of Things.

Location: London, United Kingdom.

Service: Creation of Android & iOS Ecommerce mobile apps

Delivered: September, 2018

Technology we used

  • android
  • ios
  • API
  • ecommerce
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