Client Portal and CRM

Client Portal & CRM to allow for easy management of clients and projects for Target ICT Ltd.


Web Software Development


This is a solution we installed in-house to manage our clients, projects, sales, staff and accounts.
All clients have an account created for them and through that, they are able to track progress on each project, get and pay invoices, interact with our team and also create support tickets when necessary
Our sales team, through this same interface is able to manage and track leads while staff are able to view and manage assigned tasks, clock in and out as required and also communicate flawlessly
The system has an API that allows us link seamlessly with other software we use and update items in real time.

The Problem.

On incorporation in 2018, working from a central place, sharing files and communicating on projects was easy but with the pandemic restrictions and moving all our operations remote & distributed, simple things like handing a file to a colleague or saying instructions across the room became complicated.
This is in addition to our use of multiple systems to manage different things - accounting, project management, sales, task management and time management.
This is why we decided to build this portal.

The Solution.

Our Client Portal/CRM is a robust web application containing all our workflows such as project, invoice and task management as well as management of sales leads and staff members.
New clients & team members are able to create profiles that would let them access their projects and keep everything up to date from any device, anywhere in the world with internet.
The system has a robust Application Programmer Interface (API) which allows seamless communication with our existing systems and is also fully responsive so it can be used from desktop and mobile devices.

Project Info

client: Target ICT Ltd.

Location: United Kingdom

Service: Web Software

Delivered: April, 2022

Technology we used

  • codeigniter

  • Rest API

  • javascript

  • PHP

  • CRM

  • Responsive Design

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