Custom ERP Software Implementation

An international textiles Business was looking to improve its record keeping processes. We built a solution.


Development and implementation of a custom ERP for Fenico Textiles


This was a really interesting project! Fenico Textiles, a 50 year old business with operations spread across 3 continents had challenges with fluid and documented communication among team members and also with tracking performance of the Business accurately in real time. They needed a centralised system to make data more accessible and these challenges were right in our field of expertise so we jumped right in!

Project Info

client: Fenico Textiles.

Location: U.K, UAE, Africa

Service: ERP Implementation

Delivered: In Progress


  • digital transformation

  • html5
  • data entry

  • data visualization

  • accounting
  • php

  • css
  • javascript

Our Process

This was a really resource consuming project as our team first had to take a crash course on Fenico's current business processes from accounts, HR, communications, sales, warehousing & logistics to Admin. After this, we had interviews with the CEO and other key staff members understanding their frustrations and what they would want from the desired solution before we started building.

What we built

Our solution was a web based (to allow for access from anywhere in the world) and secure portal which captured the workflow and logic of the business. It allowed for user accounts for each employee with different access levels so management of employee communications, payroll, attendance, holidays and assets in possesion could be done centrally. It also came with an Intranet, an inventory management system to track stock movement and sales through various warehouses as well as a robust and complete accounting system complete with colourful charts and reports to ensure management could visualise company performance at a glance at any time. Business is dynamic and as such, even though this has been delivered, we still have a retainership with them to ensure any changes in the business are built in as new features.

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