Ecommerce Website for a Bridal Robe Store

An international brand specializing in the creation of custom robes for Brides and Bridesmaids needed an ecommerce website to streamline orders and client interactions which were being done through social media. We delivered on this.


Ecommerce Website for The Tonye Jeaps.


The Tonye Jeaps is a brand which specialises in creating custom, handmade Bridal robes and Bridesmaids dresses with clients from all over the world.
With a growing client base after 4 years in business, there was a need to centralise ordering and client communication which was being done through facebook, instagram and whatsapp as well as properly showcase items in stock.

Our Process

This was a new industry as we previously haven't handled any projects in the bridal category and as a result of this, we had to have extensive discussions with the client, trying to understand the typical customer persona, buying process as well as fulfillment.
Apart from these, it is a typical business with common business needs of inbound leads, higher conversions, positive ROI on spend as well as all around client satisfaction.
With the data at hand, we did some research on the best colors, fonts and typography to use for the User Interface as well as the optimum order flow which we decided on after a series of discussions with the client.
Once we agreed on what they wanted to achieve with a website and received the deposit, we commenced work.

Solution we made

For this project, the visuals and perception of luxury were very important so we took extra time conveying this.
As a growing business without a large team, we also chose the easy to update and widely used Wordpress with Woocommerce platform so maintenance in future would be a lot easier.
The client already had high resolution photos for the products so we built a full scale ecommerce solution incorporating various gateways all linked to the company account. It allowed customers choose items and pay online or pay for one-on -one consultations with the designer.

Project Info

client: The Tonye Jeaps.

Location: Global.

Service: Website Development, ECommerce

Delivered: October 2022

Technology we used

  • paypal

  • html5

  • css

  • javascript

  • php

  • woocommerce

  • stripe

  • wordpress

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