Niche Job Portal with Laravel

We used the popular Laravel PHP framework in building a niche job portal to make it easier for professionals seeking work visas to move.


Shortage Jobs portal


While our day job is building techhnological solutions to make doing business easier and more organised, in our spare time we also build projects inhouse either for practice or to solve an identified problem in a niche.
We decided to build Shortage Jobs as a way to help highly skilled and qualified professionals find jobs in countries requiring their skills.
Shortage Jobs is meant to streamline and simplify the usually convoluted immigration process.

Our Process

Projects like this would usually require a detailed understanding of what features the solution would have, architecture and dependencies as well as how to make it easy to navigate.
We brainstormed this continously coming up with various ideas and discarding a lot till we had a final sketch of the features that would be needed actually for launch.
Once we had this and a database structure, we started considering various options Javascript, Python or PHP to decide what would work best and decided to build it with Laravel.

Solution we made

This is an ongoing project and as such we are building a fast loading, secure and responsive application.
We believe in simplicity and as such, after building the first prototype got rid of every unnecessary function and information on the front page as well as simplified the navigation to make important information easier to find.
We plan to expand the portal as needed and then build it in multiple languages for users from various parts of the world.

Project Info

client: Shortage Jobs.

Location: United Kingdom.

Service: Niche Job Portal with Laravel

Delivered: Ongoing

Technology we used

  • html5
  • Translation

  • css

  • javascript

  • php

  • Laravel Framework

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