Online Ordering for a UK Restaurant

A Birmingham based restaurant needed a website to enable them take full control of the order process. We built one for them.


Ecommerce Website for Treasure Taste Restaurants.


Treasure Taste Ltd, our client for this project owns a Restaurant downtown Birmingham as well as a mobile food truck. They are also event caterers, catering to private and corporate events all over the UK.
They had been using popular delivery platforms to fulfill orders but needed a platform of their own to reduce costs (commissions) as well as have customer data for future promotions.

Our Process

Our founder has previous experience building multiple food businesses before starting Target ICT and as such this project was personally surpervised by him as he understands the various buying triggers for customers as well as the process.
They were on a budget and so needed something that would quickly built and allow them do modifications by themselves so we chose Wordpress for the project.
Once we understood what our clients Kirk and Tameka wanted to achieve with a website and received the deposit, we commenced work.

Solution we made

This is usually a very involved process as all items on the menu have to be prepared and high quality items of each item taken. We then digitize the menu and pricing as well as configure discounts, specials and also complementary meals.
We built a full scale ecommerce solution incorporating various gateways all linked to the company account. It allowed customers choose items, select carryout or delivery and have their bill and delivery time automatically estimated so they can pay immediately.
Every order results in an SMS & email containing order details being sent to both the customer and Treasure Taste

Project Info

client: Treasure Taste Restaurant.

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Service: Website Development, ECommerce

Delivered: April, 2019

Technology we used

  • sms

  • html5

  • css

  • javascript

  • php

  • woocommerce

  • stripe

  • wordpress

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