Personal Website

Personal website for Author, Entrepreneur, Screenwriter and Talkshow Host, Daystar Nunez.


Personal Website for Daystar Nunez


This is a personal website we built for our longtime Client, Daystar Nunez.
It's meant to help her promote her personal brand, create a platform where fans can learn more about her, make it easy for potential clients/partners to contact her as well as showcase her projects, literary works and businesses.
This is a one-page, responsive website built to fit beautifully in all devices with a lot of animations to make it more interactive.

The Problem.

Our Client, Daystar Nunez, who we had previously built a food ordering website for in 2014, needed a platform to promote her personal brand as well as control search engine appearance.
As an author and screenwriter with a couple of completed works and a host of the ¿What’s on your mind? talkshow as well as Entrepreneur, she needed a central place where everyone can learn of and from her.

The Solution.

We built a responsive pure HTML/CSS Website using the client's brand colors and photos.

The main site is a one page static website with the required information displayed using lovely animations.

The site is built to be easy to navigate and search engine friendly and also shows the client's works, biography as well as makes it easy to contact or keep in touch with the email subscription and contact forms.

Project Info

client: Daystar Nunez

Location: United Kingdom

Service: Responsive Website Design

Delivered: May, 2022

Technology we used

  • html5

  • css

  • javascript

  • php

  • seo

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