HTML Website Re-Design

We quickly outgrew our initial website and had to do a redesign - adding more content and features.


Website Re-Design & conversion to PHP


When we launched in February 2018, we had very little in the way of projects or content but still needed to have our website up.
As a result of this we built a 1 page HTML Website but once we started getting clients, we quickly outgrew it and needed something easier to keep updated, more modern and that would communicate more about us to clients.

The Problem.

We built a 1-page website with HTML at launch but quickly outgrew it as it became a pain to update blog posts, make changes to simple text and we were also getting really poor visibility on search engines as there just wasn't enough content published for our brand (1 weakness of 1 page websites).
We decided to do a redesign so we can have a more appealing and Search Engine friendly website as well as make it easy for clients to access the helpful information we would regularly publish
We had to find all old content on the website as well as any links before starting the project.

The Solution.

Following the DRY (Don't repeat yourself) principles in programming we separated every component used on more than one page (header, footer, etc) and made them single files allowing us make edits on only 1 file when necessary
We also split the content into multiple pages with an easy to navigate directory structure.
The site was built to load really fast, be visually appealing and make it more intuitive for prospects to reach us with enquiries.

Project Info

client: Target ICT Ltd.

Location: Leicester, United Kingdom.

Service: Website Re-design

Delivered: January, 2020

Technology we used

  • html5

  • css

  • javascript

  • php

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