Vendor & Client Management Application.

For this project which took 3 months to complete, we built a vendor and client management application for a communications consulting company to enable their clients work directly with their list of vetted vendors offering various services.


Vendor & Client Management Application


Our Client, Consult 24 Limited, was a referral from a previous client and had a business idea which had been on hold for ages.

We handled this project end to end from design of the Logo and Stationery to development of the Vendor management portal 100% remotely.

This portal would allow the companies deal with the clients vetted list of vendors to deliver various listed services and proposed projects with the client acting as an escrow/ quality control.

The Problem.

The Client, an experienced communications professional, had over the years built a rolodex of experience service providers and needed a platform that would let companies with communications projects of all sizes deal with these service providers using a central platform.
Problem description for this took a couple of weeks as we had to do a couple of interviews and walkthroughs with the client to determine their needs as well as required features.
Once this was done, we created a documenting describing our proposed solution for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as well as all features. This document was reviewed and modified by both teams till it was acceptable to all parties involved.

The Solution.

We chose the Laravel PHP Framework as our tool of choice as a result of it's wide support and being future-proof as well as our deep experience working with it.
The solution built for this was a robust application with various user and access levels for the Client & Staff as well as for vendors and customers.

This project was completed in 3 months and deliverables within that time frame were:

  • Logo & Stationery Design
  • Client and Server Side Code
  • A messaging system for internal communications
  • User access for seller, buyers and administrators/staff
  • An escrow wallet system for managing payments
  • A support ticket system as wel as many other features.
  • Complete modern and responsive website design as well as other features

Project Info

client: Consult 24 Ltd.

Service: Logo Design, Software Development

Delivered: June, 2022

Technology we used

  • laravel 8

  • css

  • javascript

  • php

  • branding

  • logo design

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