As a popular Website Building platform used on 30% of the Websites in the World, Wordpress is prone to getting Hacked especially when it is not Built securely.  Wordpress can be hacked for various reasons including nulled scripts, insecure hosting, outdated Wordpress, weak passwords, leaked login credentials or vulnerable plugins. At Target ICT we specialize in Cleaning up your hacked Wordpress  website, Tracing the source of the hack and also performing basic hardening procedures to ensure that you do not get hacked the same way again.

We operate a Web Hosting Company and in over 8 years of doing this we have come across all types of Hacks which we have fixed successfully again and again. This experience is what we would apply in solving your website security issue and would be a much better option than getting the website fixed by someone who has no idea what they are doing (which would lead to you spending over and over for something we can fix once.)

Our Wordpress cleaning process is thorough and involves first of all making a full snapshot of the website as-is after which we review all files and database tables for any rogue code which would be removed. We also ensure we upgrade your website and plugins to the latest stable wordpress version after which we proceed to hardening your Website. The Popular search Engines would usually blacklist your website once a Hack is detected and our service covers that eventuality. Once we have cleaned and tested your website we would help you file requests with the Major search engines to review the website so it can be re-listed .

Along with thoroughly Cleaning and Hardening your hacked website we unlike other companies also offer a full 90 Day Guarantee on our job! If we clean your website hack and for some reason the same hack happens again, We would not charge a penny to go through your website and clean it once more and also advice on what you can do to avoid this happening again! No one else offers this and we are 100% confident in our service which is why we are able to offer this to you.

What do we charge?

We charge £150 to clean a single website and £100 to clean any additional website hosted on the same account.

How are payments made?

Payments can be made through Paypal, UK Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Cards!

Number of Sites