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Over the years communicating with clients and prospects, we’ve discovered that a lot of times, it’s common for these businesses to use free email providers such as Yahoo and Gmail as their main medium for email communication.

Most times, as the relationship progresses,, we try to find out why they use this even when the alternative is very affordable and as easy to use and the answers vary, a lot of them are already used to these free services and as such just continue with them when they start their business,  some have the impression that having a custom email ( is very expensive and avoid them while others feel using them would be complex.

This post would address those objections and also give you reasons why you should be using custom email addresses for your business.

The perception of your business moulds how a client would position it and also determines to a great extent if a client would do business with you.

If you’ve been in business long enough, you must receive scam and phishing emails almost on a daily basis and one thing these emails have in common is that they are sent via free email services.

Spam emails tend to be sent through these free email services because the senders get blocked easily and they need a service that won’t allow them get tracked easily.

Would you like your important business communication to be grouped with this?


Common objections

  • Cost: As stated before, a lot of users cite cost as the reason they aren’t using custom emails for their business. This simply isn’t accurate! It costs less than £20 to get setup with your own which would let you setup other addresses for other staff members free of charge and also gives you an ad-free experience!
  • Ease of use: If you can use email then you can use custom email! The interface is almost the same and you can also customise what you don’t like to suit you.

Why your business must use custom emails

  1. Always land in Inbox: When you use your custom emails long enough (responsibly), you see that over time; all your emails get into the inboxes of your receivers (and not spam) and this is because the spam filters over time recognise your emails as legitimate if they don’t get flagged by recipients but instead get responded to. This alone would prevent a lot of missed opportunities.
  2. Better perception of your business: Your brand and the perception prospects/clients have of your business can be influenced by a lot of factors. Having a email already communicates that your business is more established and organised to the average prospect.
  3. Helps prevent Fraud: It might be surprising to see this here but it’s also a reason you should get custom emails for your company. If you do a lot of back and forth with invoices to negotiate payments, let’s say your company email is; a fraudster can easily create which looks almost identical and email your clients to pay to wrong accounts. The free email providers won’t prevent them in any way. This is harder when your emails are on your company domain.
  4. Privacy guaranteed: Have you ever emailed or communicated about a product or service and a few minutes later you see adverts for that exact service following you all over the internet? This might seem like a coincidence to you, but it is not. Free email services are Ad supported so they usually have “cookies”  installed on your computer which records what you do when logged in and use the information gathered to customise adverts. Your custom email has no ads and no advertising cookies and hence no privacy issues.
  5. Data security: It is not uncommon for free email services to either go out of business or delete client data and files for tos violations and other issues. With your custom email, you won’t be having these issues.


What it costs

As stated before, getting started with custom emails is really affordable and you can get started with as little as £20 and monthly payments of £5 for unlimited email addresses.


Setup time

Setup is an hour or less and at most, 12 hours (to allow for DNS propagation).


Why aren’t you using custom emails for your business?

Let us know in the comments.

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