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With the global pandemic we just faced which forced the majority of businesses to shut down physical locations and limit physical interactions, the importance of online payments came to the forefront.

Prior to the events of the past year, payments were simple,

Visit shop, pay cash (or card), receive service.

This was the norm and looked like it would be that way till restrictions were placed on public gatherings, public places were closed and physical contact limited. This is all old and popular news but an adverse effect of this is, while a lot of businesses could not operate, those who could still serve clients remotely found themselves in a tight spot regarding payments from clients being left with only the option of bank transfers for contactless payments.

What we did a lot of, especially at the start of the pandemic was adding online payment pages or functionality to client websites and this was so important as a lot of these clients were losing sales to providers who could seamlessly take payments and instantly confirm.

In the course of this, we realised that most clients had the impression that enabling online payments is this complicated, impossible to navigate maze which would take months to complete and tens of thousands of pounds in budget.

While this was maybe true a decade ago, new advancements in technology have made it possible to get started accepting online payments in a couple of hours!


Generally what you would need are: Your Business Details and also bank account details (for payments to be remitted).


Would you like to talk to an expert on how your business too can start taking payments online?


Then contact us.

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